Holy Deep Dives Batman!!!

Those that know me, know that when I deep dive into anything I come out on the other side considered the Subject Matter Expert on that topic. It’s what I do.

My boss just returned from a leadership summit with a laundry list of things that I should start focusing on. The biggest takeaway is a cloud learning path for me at Udemy. First, the path starts off with the AZ-900. This one should be a cakewalk since I have already followed the Microsoft Learn path for this one but thanks to Pearson VUE services sucking so horribly I was unable to take the test due to some glitch on their side … 3 times. I’ll give them one more chance through this dive and if they fail again I will go to an in-person location. Once that is complete I get to move on to the AZ-204, AZ-104, AZ-303, AZ-305, AZ-400, AZ-500, & AZ-700 … and these are just the Azure courses. There are specific courses for AKS/GKE/AWS EKS, AWS Lambda. Azure Pipelines, and so much more.

The learning path start to finish without interruption is just shy of 300 hours or roughly 37 full work days. This is going to be a tight squeeze to make the January timeline for completion so it’s time to get busy. 4 hours per day every day from now until 1/1/23 … Wish me luck.

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